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More about the NIH Stem Cell Unit

Staff of the NIH Stem Cell Unit

The NIH Stem Cell Unit (l-r): Kevin Chen, Kye-Yoon Park, and Barbara Mallon.

To allow scientists to select which lines are most suitable for their intended experiments, the research community has consistently requested that available cell lines be more fully characterized.

To address this important need, the NIH Intramural Research Program has created the NIH Stem Cell Unit (SCU). The SCU has established a database to which hESC lines, adult stem cells and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells may be directly compared. These data give scientists the information they need when choosing individual cell lines for specific projects.

The Unit's main goal is to identify—and share with the research community—the similarities and differences between the hESC lines when subjected to a standardized paradigm.


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